In 2004, the founders of iPartners launched the firm with one objective in mind: to deliver a solution that would substantially improve the way Property & Casualty insurance firms collect, analyze and use data to make informed decisions. After over 10 years of successful P&C business intelligence and data warehousing consulting experience, these industry veterans knew the entire process should be more straightforward, require less capital, time and resources and deliver measurable, impactful results.

In 2014, iPartners was acquired by SNL Financial, a leading provider of breaking news, comprehensive data and expert analysis on more than 6,500 public companies and 50,000 private companies in critical business sectors, including insurance. The partnership formed SNL iPartners, and united two companies with a shared history of over 15 years in the insurance industry, and common commitments to accurate data and excellent customer service.

With an on-demand management information and analysis solution built on simplicity, agility and cost-efficiency, SNL iPartners currently serves over 50 P&C customers and processes over 15 million policies annually. Our clients leverage the firm’s seasoned expertise and innovative software-as-a-service model to:

  • Seamlessly implement a comprehensive solution in weeks, not months
  • Reduce internal infrastructure acquisition, management and support costs
  • Eliminate complexities in data consolidation
  • Utilize a growing library of P&C analytics and reports
  • Rely on a knowledgeable support team dedicated to customer success

Our success has a foundation built on a simple core value: Serve each other to the best of our abilities.

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Tom DiMarco, Director of Product Management

Tom DiMarco is the Director of Product Management and co-founder for SNL iPartners. In addition to being the original architect of the Insurance Scorecard solution, Tom is responsible for the product roadmap which includes the underlying insurance data model design, ETL integration and the front-end user interface.  He also insures that the hardware architecture and infrastructure for the solution remain a world-class delivery platform.  With over 25 years of IT experience – including software development and full project lifecycle consulting – Tom has successfully implemented solutions in a variety of industries including Insurance and Financial Services. Prior to SNL iPartners, Tom spent 12 years as a senior manager for a leading business intelligence and performance management consulting company.

David Caro, Director of Engineering Operations

As the Director of Engineering Operations, David Caro’s main focus is to optimize internal operations efficiency and enhance SNL iPartners’ employee experience. These internal developments, in turn, result in better customer experiences and strengthening the relationship between SNL iPartners and the firm’s customers. Dave joined SNL iPartners after many years in management consulting. His experiences span over 20 years and include over 10 years at Accenture– analyzing, designing and implementing multi-million dollar enterprise operations systems. 

Deb Carmody, Co-Founder and Associate Director

As the leader of Implementations, Deb Carmody ensures that SNL iPartners' core value of delivering and sustaining a high level of customer service is emphasized through her team’s high standards and exceptional external services and support activities for production customers. Deb has over 20 years of experience of delivering reporting solutions, leading product implementations and managing consulting projects in the software industry. Additionally, her unique finance background enables Deb to identify and address customers’ needs from multiple perspectives. Before joining SNL iPartners, Deb spent 10 years deploying business intelligence and reporting services for the insurance industry and three years managing IT support services for a large health care provider.