Individual departments form the backbone of any organization. While employees with unique skill sets and streamlined collaboration drive operational success, departments often face the challenge of extracting value from their data. Furthermore, each department has distinct needs. How can organization incorporate an all-inclusive solution that will address every department’s needs efficiently?

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Whether it is an urgent decision for an upcoming presentation or a methodic decision for a pricing strategy, management decisions depend on quick access to clear, cohesive and relevant information.

Despite their need, managers often face challenges in gathering all the data they need. Disparate data sources hinders access and impacts the decision making process. SNL iPartners helps managers gain immediate access to a centralized, simplified interface that allows them to dissect critical data.

  • Consolidate of data from across the entire enterprise without rekeying into excel spreadsheets
  • Drives accountability through more accessible information for every business unit
  • Deploy an environment based on best practices used by experts in the P&C Insurance Industry – complete with standardized formulas and algorithms that create accurate, reliable results
  • Monitor changes in direct written, net written, earned and collected premiums
  • Track reserves, evaluate surplus and flag large losses
  • Drill down to source data and view individual transactions.

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Claims operations rely on an arsenal of critical data that needs to be analyzed and dissected for use in the basis for payments and reserves decisions. Inadequate access and complex searches can delay responses to customers’ needs and create negative perceptions, severely impacting an insurer’s retention rate. SNL iPartners’ solution enables adjusters and examiners to access information promptly, placing them in a position to react quickly to customers and respond to management.

  • Monitor claim reserves and case development based on management guidelines, such as:
    • New reserves over a specific amount
    • Existing reserves that increase at a specified dollar amount or percentage
    • Claims that are over a specific number of months
  • Change any dimension or combination of dimensions – state, line of business, examiner, etc.
  • Manage key case load measurements
  • Set and track performance goals examiner or groups of examiners, time period or office

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Understanding your current stance in the market is essential to achieving growth. What are your customer demographics? Which segment of your business is growing? Which needs a little marketing push? These inquiries often go unanswered or under-answered due to lack of supporting data. How do you know which investment convert into the greatest return?

With SNL iPartners, your entire marketing staff, from management to your field representatives, will be armed with direct and immediate access to accurate, actionable information.

  • Production scorecard of key performance drivers
  • Analyze specific lines of business or states to track targeted business segments with a single click
  • Measure against goals or budget or track trends by any dimension
  • Automatically produce agent scorecards to review performance and track profitability
  • Track new programs and performance at the agent or territory level automatically
  • Integrate the dashboard to your internal portal for convenience and agent accessibility

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Whether it is increasing levels of coverage or adding a new line of business, underwriters must always be ready to meet demands with quick responses to products and pricing requests.

All organizations want a pricing strategy that will positively impact profitability. A deep understanding of the risk characteristics of a line of business requires flexible access to accurate past and current data from multiple processing systems. SNL iPartners’ robust solutions delivers the necessary data to underwriters anytime, anywhere.

  • Track underwriting key metrics side-by-side
  • Segment results on-the-fly by selecting any combination of dimensions – agents, line of business, coverage or county
  • View supporting policy and claim data immediately
  • Produce easy to read maps of information like policy and premium volumes generated by business line in specific geographic territories.
  • View new product performance compared to existing or similar business during the same timeframe.

See our Underwriting fact sheet.


The actuarial team’s strong analytical skills are often the supporting force behind vital product development and risk assessment processes. With constantly changing risks, customers’ push for new products and the inevitability of loss, organizations are shifting their focus from risk prevention to timely reaction to gain an edge over competition.

A quick response requires rapid access to supporting information. With SNL iPartners’ Insurance Scorecard™ solution, you have a wealth of essential information accessible anytime you need it.

  • Quickly and easily select data sets for analysis
  • Slice data by any combination of dimensions – state, line of business, claim type or status, injury code
  • Examine loss patterns and recommend corrective actions before any negative trends develop
  • Select any measure or combination of measures – reported loss, claim count, paid loss, etc.
  • Create custom calculations and set alerts and thresholds
  • Seamlessly share reports with others or save them for frequent analysis